About Living Legacies:
The Gift of Family History We Create Today

Living Legacies is a beautiful way to capture your family’s memories and stories as a gift for generations to come.

With sensitivity and finesse, journalist Ian Spelling will ask questions that draw out reminiscences from your parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles, or special elders in your life. From that interview, he will weave together a chronicle—in their voices and in their words—that captures those personal moments and memories. It’s a legacy that will bring meaning to you and your family today . . . and will provide a lasting connection.

How It Works

Getting started is easy. You and/or your family fill out a form that will help Living Legacies prepare interview questions. We will then engage your loved one in a personal conversation of up to 60 minutes, or more if you wish. Following the interview, you will be provided with both an audio file and a transcript. You can also order a customized coffee table book with quotes from you or your family member(s) about photos provided to us before the session.

Living Legacies is based in Bergen County, in northern New Jersey. The one-on-one conversation can be done by phone or face to face. Either way, Living Legacies makes it a pleasant, no-pressure experience for your special person that will help us create a piece of living family history that can be read, heard, and enjoyed today and by future generations.